26 September 2023
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Are the local self-government bodies ready to power expansion? As people are not used to self-dependence…

Over the years of independence, all those who did not want to reform local self-government, claimed that hromadas were not ready to take over the management. Like there is no trained personnel, there will be chaos and corruption on the ground. Though it is just an excuse.

Let's look at our European neighbours. Almost everywhere the system of power is built exactly the same way and proves its efficiency. Why is it so? Because if the problems are solved by the people who really feel them, then these people are interested in doing everything the best way possible.

It is erroneous to assume that on the ground people are worse, less honest, less educated, less responsible than city officials. However, local residents really want to develop their community (village, rural settlement or city) – thus they will look for the best decisions and learn in addition. Moreover, the people themselves will be forcing their local elected representatives to work professionally and transparently. Therefore, the new system will quickly begin to improve itself, attract new, competent and responsible people. And the task of the state at the reforming stage is to help people on the ground acquire new powers.