Budgets of Kharkiv Oblast’s AHs continuously prove hromadas’ capacity, - Diana Barynova




“Over 9 months of 2018, the own budgets of Kharkiv Oblast’s hromadas grew by an average of 3 times, and by maximum of 9 times. The largest indicator belongs to the Natalynska AH. The own revenues of the Malynivska AH increased fourfold, which is the second indicator among the hroamdas of the Karkiv Oblast. The third place is taken by the Novovodolazka AH – its revenues grew by 3.4 times,” said Diana Barynova, Director of the Kharkiv Local Government Development Centre during the seminar “Implementation of the budget policy inamalgamated hromadas: results of local budgets’ implementation and peculiarities of their formation for 2019”.












It should be reminded that, together with the Kharkiv Local Government Development Centre, seven AHs are working on strategy development, namely the Zolochivska, Zachepylivska, Malynivska, Kolomatska, Oskilska, Natalynska, Malodanylivska AHs.

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Харківська область


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