First in Ukraine Centre to promote development of amalgamated hromadas was opened in Sumy Oblast

With the support given by the head of the Oblast State Administration Mykola Klochok and the State Employment Service, there was established an institution, which is necessary and close to people in the hromada, in the village of Khoruzhivka, Nedrygalivska AH.

The oblast and rayon authorities, employers, and social partners took an active part in establishing the Centre.

The first in Ukraine model of the Centre is to provide a wide range of AH’s services: from training of the management team and specialists in the areas of hromada’s activity to effective self-employment.
According to Ivan Borshosh, Deputy Head of the Oblast State Administration, this event is significant, as the chosen course for assistance to amalgamated hromadas offers wide opportunities for inhabitants of the village to provide themselves with work or to start even their own business.

“I hope that our Centre will be not only the first, but also the best in Ukraine”, emphasised Ivan Borshosh.

“We set up a small but very necessary brick for the foundation of rural development,” said Valeriy Yaroshenko, head of the State Employment Service, during the opening of the Centre.

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First in Ukraine Centre to promote development of amalgamated hromadas was opened in Sumy Oblast

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Недригайлівська селищна об’єднана територіальна громада


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