New energy efficient heating system is being set up in schools of Machukhivska AH

At the end of last year, the Makhuchivska amalgamated hromada in the Poltava Oblast became the first in Ukraine to include village councils from three rayons (the Poltava, Novi Sanzhary and Reshetylivka ones). From the first days of its existence, this AH has been trying to introduce a variety of innovations. For example, in September 2018, the AH was one of the first in Ukraine to sign an energy service contract, and already in early October installed a new energy efficient heating system in the school of the Ploske village, which is part of the hromada. The heating system has been redesigned in accordance with the “Energy Service” programme, which includes a full range of works – from installation of equipment to its maintenance in course of operation.

“We plan to equip other budget institutions with similar installations. A new energy saving heating system is already being prepared for exploitation at the Kalashnyky school,” says Valeriy Bilokin, head of the Machuchivska AH.

“Amalgamated hromadas of the Poltava Oblast started paying more attention to energy saving. Heads of AHs learn to save money, properly plan budgets and prioritise. And the Machukhivska AH’s example once again proves the correctness of strategic thinking of hromada leaders. It is also good that attention is paid not only to the hromada centre, but also to other AH villages,” said Hennadiy Fasiy, municipal services adviser of the Poltava Local Government Development Centre, established with the support of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme and MinRegion.


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