Talalayivska hromada established Service Provision Centre for ATO participants

Activists in the Talalayivska AH managed to transform the old hospital building into a modern and comfortable centre with a hall for lectures, trainings and meetings of citizens, hairdresser and massage therapist’s offices. Soon there will be a gym and a tailor’s shop.

As reported by the Chernihiv Local Government Development Centre, established with the support of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme, all this became possible due to the efforts of activists from the Talalayivka Union of ATO Participants.

Bohuslav Borsuk, head of the Union, says that the organisation was established at the end of 2015 and meetings were held in one of the offices of the then settlement council. That was then that the activists decided to create a center, where it would be possible to hold events for hromada residents, meet with fellow soldiers. In fact, this was the idea of ​​a youth open space, but with additional options.



Yuriy Velychko, head of the Talalayivska AH, said that when NGO asked to allocate premises and help, the initiative was supported, because public activities positively influence the AH development.

The centre was located in the premises of the former hospital, received from the previous government. Earlier there was a children's department, but it was not used for a long time. There was no heat, water, ceilings, walls and floors were in deplorable state.






Today, a hairdresser and massage therapist are already working in the Centre. Besides, a variety of activities take place here. According to Bohuslav Borsuk, schoolchildren gathered here on summer holidays to pass patriotic training. Children also created drawings and wrote letters to soldiers in the East of Ukraine.




“It's very important for me to help our warriors. They come both with post-traumatic symptoms and for prevention. There are many musculoskeletal system diseases, thus, no need to sit without work,” says Viktoria, massage therapist.

There is a constant queue to the hairdresser. “ATO soldiers are served free of charge, their wives or children get a 50% discount,” says Natalia Korshok, hairdresser. According to her, it is much more comfortable to work in the new premises in comparison with the former ones.




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Чернігівська область


Талалаївська територіальна громада


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