Elections can be held in most AHs, - CEC

“We have already specified that elections can be held in the absolute majority of hromadas, but there are still some rather difficult issues. These are the issues related to improper registration of applications for elections. I hope that in a few days we will be able to eliminate them. The most problematic are those hromadas, where election-related issues are under consideration in the courts. As you understand, if it is a case in court, it is difficult to appoint such elections. Thirdly, there is a vision of various bodies regarding elections’ holding on the demarcation line territories,” said Yevheniy Radchenko, deputy head of the Central Election Commission.

He noted that the deadline for appointment of the first local elections is 13 October, however, elections can be appointed earlier.

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Elections can be held in most AHs, - CEC


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