“Lunar landscapes” and lakes with sturgeon: green tourism of Kremenchuk Rayon AHs



Recently, there has been a presentation of tourism capacities of the Pishchanska and Nedoharkivska AHs, and these days the Pryshybska AH has also demonstrated its achievements. These hromadas together with the Omelnytska AH and the Biletskivka Village Council formed a Green Tourism Cluster in the Kremenchuk Razon of the Poltava Oblast, and signed an agreement on intermunicipal cooperation. Together with specialists of the Poltava Local Government Development Centre, established with the support of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme and MinRegion, and scientists of the local higher educational institution, they developed a project “Five Pearls of the Dnieper”.

According to the results of last year, the Pryshybska AH confidently reached the top place in the rating of AHs in capital (excluding budgetary) investments per capita.

The tourist potential of the Pryshybska AH also strikes with its versatility: tourists will be offered a historical route to the burial mounds, there are 138 of them on the AH territory.




Yerystivka ore mining and processing enterprise deserves special attention. Its quarries are located in the hromada. Their depth is already 170 m, but there are plans to deepen quarries to 500 m. It is here that one can see the world's largest trucks – American dump-type trucks. The tourists will be amazed by a quite spectacular almost “lunar landscape”.





And the village of Kobelyachok started to farm sturgeon. Local businessmen cleared up the pond and stocked it with fish.


The Pryshypska AH can also offer to fly on a trike.


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Полтавська область


Пришибська сільська об’єднана територіальна громада


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