Mingarelli: Decentralisation reform in Ukraine impresses with its successes

Hugues Mingarelli, Head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine, notes the success of the decentralisation reform in Ukraine.

“The decentralisation reform in Ukraine really impresses with its successes. Due to the reform and decentralisation efforts, that have been taking place in Ukraine over the past three years, we can say without a doubt that the lives of millions of Ukrainians have improved,” said Mr Mingarelli at the Conference of Regional and Local Authorities for the Eastern Partnership (CORLEAP), held in Kyiv on Monday.

According to him, Ukraine's experience in the decentralisation reform is “quite an interesting example for other countries of the region”.

24.09.2018 - 12:32 | Views: 1076
Mingarelli: Decentralisation reform in Ukraine impresses with its successes



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