“Local authorities should create conditions for business to work here,” - Hennadii Prymakov, head of Menska AH




The Menska amalgamated hromada officially appeared on the map of the Chernihiv Oblast last year. The elections were held here in April 2017. Amalgamation took place not according to the perspective plan, and therefore the first seven months of the AH operation were complicated. And in 2018, after the AH switched to direct interbudgetary relations and received a subvention, the situation became even more complicated, as the rayon authorities entered into confrontation with the hromada.


But despite the obstacles on the way of the young Menska AH, local self-government proves by its actions that decentralisation is the only way to revive the village and improve the quality and accessibility of services for AH residents.

The Menska AH includes 31 villages, one urban-type settlement, city of Mena, and has a total population of 26 thousand residents. In the elections, they entrusted the management of the hromada to the then city mayor Hennadii Prymakov.

The Menska AH was one of the first in the oblast to establish a local fire brigade. Much attention is also devoted here to a separate collection of garbage. An interesting fact is that in course of two years in Mena and other villages containers have been installed on the roads to fly-dumpings. During this period, not a single new landfill have appeared.

The Menska AH has 17 schools and 14 kindergartens, as well as five out-of-school establishments.

The hromada repaired roofs in kindergartens, and where it was needed the roof was completely replaced with new one. They carried out rinsing of the heating systems, conduct tenders for the purchase of solid fuels, food.


11 playgrounds have been installed over a year in the AH settlements

Hennadii Prymakov says that the hromada has a very extensive educational network, and hence a significant expenditure on salaries and school maintenance.

And most importantly, parents already understand that it is better for a child to study in a large hub school, where he/she will be brought by the bus and where there are more pupils to be friends with, learn, play and compete with.


Due to European funds, the hromada began to implement a large-scale street lighting reconstruction project in the city of Mena. They install 1403 new street lights in the streets of the city. And the old ones (these lanterns are in good condition) will be installed in the AH villages. This will make it possible to save money and illuminate rural streets.



The hromada repairs roads

The AH established its own newspaper to inform the residents about the events and the real state of affairs.

There are 21 libraries and five cultural institutions operating in the AH. Agriculture and industry develop as well. The Menska AH is attractive for business. Some goods are supplied to foreign markets. The main trading partners are Lithuania, Belarus, Germany, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan.

This year the hromada, with the assistance of the Chernihiv Local Government Development Centre, established with the support of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme, has elaborated and approved its Development Strategy for the coming years.

The AH has a great tourist potential. There are beautiful natural landscapes, a river and beaches, “Oscrych” sanatorium is being restored. In addition, the only zoo in the Chernihiv Oblast is located here.

This year an eco-festival #luMENA2018, dedicated to energy efficiency and energy conservation, was held in the hromada.



The #luMENA2018 festival in the Menska AH brought together thousands of people

The full version is available in Ukrainian – please click HERE


Best practices amalgamation of hromadas Hennadii Prymakov


Чернігівська область


Менська територіальна громада


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