Challenges of decentralisation: difficulties in assigning local elections and forming hromadas

A third of settlements in Ukraine already belongs to amalgamated hromadas. So far, 705 AHs have been established. Further 126 AHs are waiting for the decision of the Central Election Commission on their first local elections. This decision must be made within this month so the elections take place this year and enable hromadas to start their direct relations with the state budget.

The unwillingness of the Central Election Commission to allow the elections, challenges in establishing hromadas and their possible financial capacities in the coming year were subject to the interview with Serhiy Sharshov, head of the Directorate for Local Self-Government Development at MinRegion, in the programme “Reform” on Hromadske TV.

Ivan Lukeria, coordinator of the Central Reform Office at MinRegion, told how the Government is changing laws and regulations to make life easier for hromadas.

The full version is available in Ukrainian – please click HERE



S.Sharshov elections I.Lukerya CEC


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