Resident’s ID card of Trostyanetska urban AH is already in use in Sumy Oblast

Mayor of Trostyanets Yuri Bova has reported that the “resident’s ID card of the Trostyanetska urban AH” is already used in the town of Trostyanets in the Sumy Oblast.

“We have studied the experience of Baltic countries and implemented ID cards for the residents of Trostyanets which offer a set of services including registration for fare preferences in the local public transport. To use it, we need card readers in the vehicles and cards with chips containing the users’ personal data. Such a card costs UAH 25 which are refunded by the town’s budget. By 1 September we had been collecting data about residents entitled for fare exemptions. We have around 8,000 such citizens in our town, and almost all of them have already received this ID card”, said Yuri Bova.

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Сумська область


Тростянецька міська об’єднана територіальна громада Тростянецька територіальна громада



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