Varvynska AH – young hromada, that cares about its residents

Varvynska AH – young hromada, that cares about its residents


The Varvynska amalgamated hromada held its first elections in December 2017. Consequently, there was little time to get totally acquainted with new responsibilities and powers, adopt the budget and start working in 2018 under the new conditions. The Chernihiv Local Government Development Centre, established with the support of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme, provided the hromada with expert and methodological support.

The Varnynska AH includes the village of Varva, which became the central settlement, and seven more villages. Almost nine thousand residents live on the AH territory.

At the elections, the AH residents supported Valentyna Saverska-Lykhoshva, former Varva urban-type settlement head.


The very beginning


One of the first steps of the newly formed AH was the receipt of educational and cultural institutions on its balance. The hromada pays a lot of attention to tidiness and order. A landscaping brigade was created in the hromada for this purpose.

Soon a municipal guard will appear there. The hromada provides guard members with premises, equipment and furniture. They will be responsible for the public order in the AH.


Thoughts about NEFCO


The Varvynska AH is dreaming about the modern illumination of all the streets. Therefore, it is looking for partners and financial support. “We want to attract resources of the Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO). They provide loans and grants for energy-efficient projects.


Accession and territory extension


At the very start of discussion of AH formation in the Varva Rayon the settlement council invited the neighbours to join, though only two village councils responded. Neighbouring Ozeriany formed their own hromada and are waiting for the appointment of the first elections.


Economy and budget


There is the Hnidyntsi oil refinery plant registered in Varva. Although it is geographically located on the territory of the village of Hnidyntsi, but pays the taxes to the Varva’s treasury, and employs AH residents. Another partner of the Varvynska AH is agro-industrial enterprise Druzhba-Nova, one of the top agricultural producers and exporters.

Other representatives of small and medium-sized business help the hromada whenever they have such an opportunity, and the AH head says she has learned to come to an understanding with everyone.

The estimated AH budget for 2018 was at the level of UAH 80 million, of which 50 million are the hromada's own revenues. The rest comes with subventions and grants. Of these, over the first six months alone, more than UAH 13 million were transferred to the rayon budget.


Waste, landfill and treatment facilities


The Varvynska AH has an urgent problem connected with the landfill, formed more than ten years ago in an inappropriate place. It is already overloaded and requires to be closed. Though it is difficult for the hromada to find a new place for a landfill.

Garbage sorting is becoming increasingly popular in the AH. Another problem concerns the old wastewater treatment plants.


The Varvynska hromada keeps up with the times, takes into account the needs of its residents and seeks to implement interesting projects that will make life even better and more comfortable. Most importantly, people understand that all the problematic and important issues can be solved locally, in their hromada.

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