Hromada under microscope: Nyzhnyoverbizka AH

Is the reform of decentralisation of power a positive or a negative process? The “Halytskyi Korespondent” decided to look for the answer to this question in the amalgamated hromadas that already have certain managerial experience. This time it features the Nyzhnyoverbizka AH.

The first elections in the Nyzhnyoverbizka AH took place on 18 December 2016. It consists of four villages.

The population of the hromada is small – about 10 thousand people.



There are three general secondary schools in the Nyzhnyoverbizka AH, attended in total by 900 pupils. Nyzhniy Verbizh can boast of the great and unique school, where 550 children study. In course of two years of self-sufficient life 157 windows of this school were replaced with energy-saving ones, roof repairs as well as replacement of the heating system are planned.


Nyzhniy Verbizh also has three pre-school educational institutions, attended by 210 children, and an art school.

The Myshyn school has been recently provided with 11 new computers and other equipment in the framework of the New Ukrainian School reform.

There are two outpatient clinics of general practice of family medicine and a health post in the AH.

Following the decision of the AH village council session, the communal enterprise “Blahoustriy OTH” was established.


Prior to amalgamation, the budgets of four villages amounted to about two million hryvnias. Now the AH budget is UAH 43 million. Own revenues amount to about nine million – the AH remains subsidised. In 2018, the hromada was provided with UAH 34.4 million state budget subventions.

Last year, the infrastructure subvention amounted to UAH 4.2 million, this year it is less, about three million. The main source of income (except for subventions) is the personal income tax, 60% of which currently remain in the AH budget.


Roads are among the main AH problems.It's impossible to repair everything at the expense of the infrastructure subvention, there are also not enough own revenues for this purpose.

Many AH residents move to Poland and other nearby countries for seasonal work.

There are also ecological problems. There are four rivers on the AH territory. In spring and autumn these rivers often threaten peasants with floods, overflowing the banks and washing off fertile land.



Verkhniy Berbizh is currently completing equipment of a sports ground with artificial surface, and also plans to modernise the village club.

The communal enterprise “Blahoustriy OTH” plans to soon get new equipment.

At the beginning of 2017, the AH established an ASC, which provides ten administrative services.

The hromada also participates in international grant programmes, writes projects, further funded by DOBRE, UNDP and other organisations.


The Nyzhnyoverbizka AH has its own official website –, as well as its Facebook page. The AH website features all its information, daily news about the life of villages and the oblast.

In addition, the hromada has recently purchased equipment for direct broadcasting of AH sessions.


The AH has an actively functioning Youth Council. Its members have recently attended the Youth Leadership Forum in Kyiv, where they presented their project on hromada’s social development.



The Nyzhnyoverbizka AH created its Development Strategy by 2026. The document describes the main directions that will be addressed in the coming years. In addition, Nyzhniy Verbizh plans to receive more profit from tourism in future.

The full version is available in Ukrainian – please click HERE


Івано-Франківська область


Нижньовербізька територіальна громада


Галицький кореспондент

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