Hromadas from southern rayons of Vinnytsia Oblast get ready for amalgamation

Oleh Levchenko, Director of the Vinnytsia Local Government Development Centre, operating with the support of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme and MinRegion, Yevhen Shapovalov, decentralisation expert, and Vitaliy Shvets, municipal service expert, held a range of informational sessions in Tyvriv, Murovani Kurylivtsi and Mohyliv-Podilskyi Rayons of the Vinnytsia Oblast.

“The CEC should soon appoint the first elections in AHs, so the hromadas became more active. It is important to establish amalgamated hromadas in rayons with no AHs formed,” said Yevhen Sahpovalov.

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Hromadas from southern rayons of Vinnytsia Oblast get ready for amalgamation


Вінницька область


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