Ihor Hundych signed positive conclusion on formation of first AH in Ruzhyn Rayon

One more capable amalgamated hromada – the Vchorayshenska rural AH – will soon appear in the Ruzhyn Rayon of the Zhytomyr Oblast.

Ihor Hundich, head of the Zhytomyr Oblast State Administration, signed a positive conclusion on the decision on voluntary amalgamation of hromadas.

“After the establishment of the Vchorayshenska AH in the Zhytomyr Oblast, there will be no rayons without AHs in the oblast. We keep the bar raised – the first place in the implementation of decentralisation initiated by the President of Ukraine,” said Ihor Hundych.

It is planned that the Vchorayshenska rural AH with its centre in the village of Vchorayshe will have a population of 5644 people. The AH will include 9 village councils with 13 settlements.

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Ihor Hundych signed positive conclusion on formation of first AH in Ruzhyn Rayon


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