Second anniversary of Horshchykivska AH: much done, yet even more planned

Renovated kindergarten, new street lighting, bus for the hromada, repairs and energy efficiency at lyceums, repairs of the cultural centre, installation of monuments, Internet access provision and many other things have already been done in the Horshchykivska rural AH. The amalgamated hromada is only two years old. However, during this time, much has been done and there are already many plans for the future.

It should be mentioned that the Zhytomyr Oblast continues to lead in implementation of the decentralisation reform and holds the first place in the ranking of oblasts of Ukraine in terms of AH formation.

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Second anniversary of Horshchykivska AH: much done, yet even more planned

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Житомирська область


Горщиківська сільська об’єднана територіальна громада


Житомирська ОДА

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