Radomyshlska AH absorbs successful practices of rural green tourism

The Zhytomyr LGDC organised the training “Successful Practices of Rural Green Tourism in the Zhytomyr Oblast” for the representatives of the Radomyshlska AH on the basis of the settlement “Polisska Khata”.

Starostas, representatives of the AH’s executive committee and business representatives visited one of the most successful settlements in the Zhytomyr Oblast to take over its development experience and to upscale its profile. The Radomyshlska AH uses the support of the Zhytomyr LGDC to prepare its development strategy with the development of its tourism capacity playing an important role in it.

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Radomyshlska AH absorbs successful practices of rural green tourism

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Житомирська область


Радомишльська міська об’єднана територіальна громада


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