Refurbished administrative service centre has been opened in Lyubomlska AH

On 19 July, a refurbished administrative service centre (ASC) was opened in the Lyubomlska AH.

As Roman Yuschuk, the mayor of Lyuboml, told, the ASC was modernised as part of the EU project “Administrative service centres as an innovative tool for the cooperation between government and hromadas”. The total refurbishment costs amounted UAH 1.162 million including UAH 862.000 provided as a grant by the EU, UAH 200.000 from the city council and UAH 100.000 from the rayon budget.

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Refurbished administrative service centre has been opened in Lyubomlska AH

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Волинська область


Любомльська міська об’єднана територіальна громада


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