29 September 2023
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On the way to energy efficiency: first steps of Sosnytska AH

On the way to energy efficiency: first steps of Sosnytska AH

2018 07 00 energ sosn portniy 1"We found a smart and interested fellow countryman and gave him the opportunity to develop his skills. Then we purchased software to monitor energy consumption by budget institutions of “Energobalance” and started calculating,” that is how a surprisingly optimistic energy efficiency story of the Sosnytska AH begins.

Even before the amalgamation (in January 2016) Sosnytsia joined the “Agreement of Mayors” and took on a voluntary commitment to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions by at least 20% till 2030.

2018 07 00 energ sosn portniy 1

Andriy Portnyi, head of the hromada


The AH has already developed the Action Plan for Sustainable Energy Development and is awaiting its approval.

2018 07 11 sosn0 tabl assosiation cab 1 03


The Sosnytska AH is one of the few that immediately realised that a high-quality energy audit makes up a major part of saving success. Therefore, there is an energy manager working in the AH.

In 2017, the reconstruction of the heating of the local kindergarten “Sonechko” was carried out. Solid fuel boilers (100 kW capacity) with the possibility to regulate power and mechanical fuel loading were installed instead of gas ones, new pumps were assembled, heating pipeline and boiler room were renovated at the expense of the State Fund for Reconstruction and Development (UAH 602 thousand) and the local budget (UAH 427 thousand).

2018 07 00 energ sosn sadok 2

2018 07 00 energ sosn sadok 1

Within two years, the same mechanism was used to replace the windows and door structures in Sosnytsya Rayon Gymnasium named after O.Dovzhenko. The roof was partially replaced and insulated. Now there is an issue of general insulation of the premises and replacement of the ventilation system.

2018 07 11 sosn0 gimnaz okno 1 08

The full version is available in Ukrainian – please click HERE


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