Forming public opinion: graduates of Schools of Press Secretaries continue their studies

The training course of the Schools of Press Secretaries – an integrated part of the large regional “Hromada News” media project, operating with the assistance of the Mykolayiv Oblast State Administration, has recently finished in the Mykolayiv Oblast. Its purpose was to provide practical training to AH representatives of the oblast as spokespersons of their hromadas, and to create a correspondent network of the Internet-portal “Hromada News” and the Hromadas’ Television channel, engaging these specialists.

On 11 July, an informational seminar was held on the basis of the Mykolayiv Local Government Development Centre, established with the support of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme and MinRegion of Ukraine, which is a continuation of the training. The speakers included Yaroslav Indykov, head of the Mykolayiv Oblast State Administration, Mykola Durman, regional development adviser, Yulia Pochebut, communications adviser, Natalia Kondrakhina, media specialist, and Oleksandr Pronkevych, Director of the Institute of Philology of the Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University.

“The communicative component of the decentralisation reform is one of the key ones, since without the media community support there will be no result. When an AH has achievements and victories, but nobody knows about them – this is a false path to success. The main task is to learn to actively, promptly and qualitatively promote their hromadas around the world, present them the best way possible to the society. I am convinced that in case of diligent studies there will not be any problems in the further work,” said Valentyn Boyko, director of the Mykolayiv LGDC.


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Forming public opinion: graduates of Schools of Press Secretaries continue their studies

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