Kulykivska AH: investors’ attraction, economic development and creation of comfortable living conditions

The Chernihiv Local Government Development Centre, established with the support of the U-LEAD eith Europe Programme, continues to tell the stories of hromadas’ formation and development in our oblast. First of all, we hope that these stories will inspire those still doubting or in contemplation to amalgamate. And secondly, we want to prove to skeptics that the decentralisation reform gives new breath to rural territories and helps them to develop.


This time the story goes about the Kulykivska amalgamated hromada, established in February, where the elections were held on 29 October 2017.

Young yet ambitious

The AH united practically the entire Kulykivka Rayon, and only the village of Smolyanka entered the Olyshivska AH. Its population amounts to almost 16 thousand people. The voters elected Nataliya Khalimon, former head of the rayon, as the AH head.

Since 2018, the hromada has switched to direct relations with the state budget. The priorities of 2018 include reconstruction of street lighting, water supply and sewage, road repairs and landscaping. Projects in all these directions have already been submitted to the oblast state administration. In the nearest future the AH should receive a state subvention for the development of the AH infrastructure in the amount of UAH 7 million 816 thousand.

The hromada also considers economic development and investment attraction among the key areas. And this despite the fact that two powerful agricultural enterprises operate on the AH territory.

Japanese investments, victory of utility company workers and cooperastion with U-LEAD

The strategic development plan and projects are being elaborated here consciously and persistently. The AH is convinced that the number of projects goes into quality, and therefore, they submit applications to all known funds and institutions.

Last year Kulykivka school took part in the contest of the Japanese Embassy. At the expense of grant funds, school roof was repaired, windows and doors replaced, and thermo-modernisation of the elementary school premises completed.

The hromada also managed to win in the competition, held by the State Fund for Regional Development. As a result, they will purchase special equipment: garbage trucks, garbage containers, tractor with a trailer, bulldozer, excavator / loader, roller, wood shredding machine, tractor mower, and a minibus.

The Kulykivska AH has become one of six hromadas in the Chernihiv Oblast, who got an opportunity to receive funding from the U-LEAD with Europe Programme for the modernisation of Administrative Service Centre. “Consideration is also given to the possibility of opening of the remote working places of the ASC in 4 AH villages with a population of about one thousand inhabitants,” said Nataliya Khalimon.

Culture, education, sports and healthcare – so problematic, but so precious

The Kulykivska AH actively supports the development of amateur art and creative hromada groups.

The seventh festival “Folk Treasures of the Kulykivka Land” took place in June.

It is still too early to talk about changes in the educational and healthcare sectors, as far as educational and medical institutions are currently in the process of transfer and reformatting.

Instead of conclusions

The Kulykivska AH has every chance to become a self-sufficient and successful territory with developed infrastructure and real economy.

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Чернігівська область


Куликівська селищна об’єднана територіальна громада


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