Unique “Iodanka”, strawberries and Chinese cabbage or How Volyn Oblast AHs fill their treasuries

The Volyn Oblast residents shared their rural development experience with the hromadas of the Kharkiv and Vinnytsia Oblasts.

Namely, they told how to develop rural areas, find resources that can bring revenues to the hromada treasury, how to efficiently manage, create new jobs and attract investors, during study tour, held for the delegations from Kharkiv and Vinnytsia on 25 and 26 June. The study tour was organised by the Volyn Local Government Development Centre.

Mineral water “Iodanka Pavlivska” is known and willingly consumed not only by the residents of the Volyn Oblast, but also by the residents of the neighbouring oblasts. During a visit to Pavlivka, representatives of hromadas from the Kharkiv and Vinnytsia Oblasts were able to see all the subtleties of unique mineral water production, rich in iodine, as well as Pavlivka’s live beer.

The economic activity of Staryi Poritsk, which was the first in western Ukraine to start manufacturing organic cheese products, has been active since 2008. It all began with a small farm and 940 hectares of land free from chemical fertilizers. At first, the farm was selling only organic raw materials grown on their own land. Then additional profits appeared due to processing of milk from cows kept on the farm. And two years ago, after purchase of a cheese factory, they switched to a closed-cycle production.

A lot of questions were addressed to Halyna Prus, head of the Smolyhivska AH, the smallest hromada in the oblast. The peculiarity of the hromada is that a powerful enterprise with a foreign capital Nestle is located on its territory. At the same time, the Smolyhivska AH is known not only in the Volyn Oblast, but also all over Ukraine due to cultivation of strawberries and Chinese cabbage.

The Kniahynynivska AH, located near Lutsk, is well-known in the oblast thanks to the active position of the head regarding waste management, since there is a garbage landfill, belonging to the oblast centre, on the AH territory. It was the first AH in the Volyn Oblast to start monetisation of privileges, and it is also the first one willing to introduce health insurance for every inhabitant. After amalgamation, the hromada’s budget has increased, and the main goal today concerns qualitative changes.

Guests from the Vinnytsia and Kharkiv Oblasts had a chance to find out how to create a cooperative enterprise, identify those to unite in it and make it effective, in the Holobska AH, that was one of the first to form in the Volyn Oblast.

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