“Stealing from hromada budget is stealing from children and dead,” – Yuriy Karapetyan, head of Komyshuvatska AH

“Stealing from hromada budget is stealing from children and dead,” – Yuriy Karapetyan, head of Komyshuvatska AH

“Stealing from the hromada budget is stealing from children and the dead,” considers Yuriy Karapetyan, head of the Komyshuvatska AH. And he explains: “From the dead – as we really got dead villages. From children – because everything that we create now has to remain for them.”

His words are verified by the amounts spent on repairs of buildings and terms of work completion. For example, the overhaul of the audience hall of the cultural club, where the ceiling was crumbling and almost nothing was left of the stage, cost the budget UAH 500 thousand and lasted for 6 months. We managed to repair everything, make a balcony and even cover the walls with noise-proof material. Today we have a modern hall with 240 seats in the stalls (by the way, this number of armchairs was purchased for UAH 190 thousand, as the best price-quality option), with heat-regulators instead of batteries, and high-quality lighting. We managed to save a lot of money even on curtains. “Ready-made curtains cost UAH 150 thousand. We ordered the necessary fabric for 20 thousand, and the cleaning lady expressed her desire to sew the curtains. We bought a sewing machine for this, and now we are sewing the performance costumes for children,” tells the employee of the cultural club. A modern hall, renovated staircase, repaired office for workers, assembly hall, which hosts sessions. Work continues on toilet rooms arrangement. It is planned to repair the facade and playground near the club building.

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Запорізька область


Комишуваська селищна об’єднана територіальна громада


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