Pupils of Berezivska AH raised money for rollerdrome through crowdfunding

Schoolchildren of the Berezivska AH of the Odesa Oblast initiated and raised the funds to equip rollerdrome with the support of the hromada.

Together with the AH leadership the pupils decided to create a sports ground for roller skating, skateboarding and cycling, as informed by the Odesa Local Government Development Centre, established with the support of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme and MinRegion.

Initially, in order to implement this idea, the pupils formed the Catchers of Thought team, chose the place to design the rollerdrome, set up the site, made their own plan and 3D layout for the future site.

What is necessary?

Cost, UAH


Sum, UAH

Sports equipment “Ramp”

35 000.00


35 000.00

Sports equipment “Ridge”

9 400.00


9 400.00


1 200.00


1 200.00

Rink board for skateboarding




Nova Poshta services



8 000.00

Commission of the payment system and administrative costs of GoFundEd



7 755.00




62 039.00

To purchase the equipment, they had to raise 62 thousand 39 hryvnias in the course of 60 days, and with the support of the hromada, the pupils managed to do it in time. Now these funds, the collection of which ended in May, will be spent on the purchase of sports equipment, and local authorities will equip the territory with a special coating, set up lighting, place video surveillance cameras, and install benches and garbage cans at the expense of the budget funds.

The children have even filmed a video in support of their project:





Одеська область


Березівська територіальна громада


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