Smyzka AH implemented "Building Ukraine Together" youth project

The Smyzka settlement AH in the Rivne Oblast became the first amalgamated hromada in Ukraine to implement "Building Ukraine Together" project.

During two weeks of May volunteers worked in three directions. The first one was the organisation of youth space in the Smyha “Dubyna” park, where the summer stage was built. The second one was about street art: creation of murals on the walls of the Smyha library and on concrete stands in the local park. And the third direction concerned helping three low-income families in Smyha, Stara Mykolayivka and Shepetyn in repairing homes and creating a summer stage in the village of Bereh.

Local businessmen joined the project and provided construction materials and equipment. They also became sponsors for one of the families – project participants.

"The implementation of such projects requires involvement of local youth, effective dialogue between the authorities, hromada and business representatives. The joint activity promotes not only hromada development, but also attraction of young people to public life," says project manager Vira Pasishnyuk.

"Building Ukraine Together" is a volunteer youth project founded by the Lviv Educational Foundation in 2014. Every year, the project involves volunteers from all over Ukraine to help single-parent, low income and multi-child families to rebuild their homes, as well as support local public spaces and youth platforms in various Ukrainian cities.

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