Healthcare reform: new modern outpatient clinic to appear in Mykolayivska AH of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

The Mykolayivska AH was included into the President’s project on development of primary healthcare in the village, thus, a new modern outpatient clinic will be built here. The documents are ready, the land is allocated and registered. There are three family doctors. Personnel potential has been strengthened by two graduates of the Dnipro Medical Academy, residents of Mykolayivka, who will receive their diplomas this year.

The total cost of construction is about UAH 13 million. So far, UAH 10 million have been allocated from the oblast budget for design and initial works.

According to Olena Tertyshna, director of the Dnipropetrovsk Local Government Development Centre, 17 more hromadas of the oblast will build modern outpatient clinics, like in Mykolayivka.

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Healthcare reform: new modern outpatient clinic to appear in Mykolayivska AH of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast




Дніпропетровська область


Миколаївська сільська об’єднана територіальна громада Миколаївська територіальна громада


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