Major presidential programme for rural healthcare reform launched in Ukraine

President Petro Poroshenko took part in the opening of a new paramedic-obstetric station with office accommodation in the village of Bodenky, Vyshgorod Rayon, Kyiv Oblast.

"My sincere congratulations on this solemn event, which is the result of all our efforts," the President addressed the audience.

"A third of Ukrainians live in the countryside. This is almost 14 million Ukrainians who were deprived of high-quality medical services. And it seemed that this problem cannot be solved," the Head of State said. He added that the doctor is very difficult to attract in the village.

The President noted that he had discussed the issue of high-quality healthcare for villages and small towns with partners from Canada, France, Germany, and representatives of the World Bank. "I proposed a completely unique model - the model of telemedicine. When we combine a high-quality healthcare worker in a rural laboratory, a rural clinic will have the required equipment for the first prompt analysis and diagnosis," the President said.

According to him, the information about the patient will then be sent to a medical hub or to a rayon, where a doctor will read the cardiogram, analyse the necessary data, see the symptoms, contact the oblast centre or Kyiv if necessary, attract specialists and make a qualitative diagnosis.

"This will save "platinum or golden minutes and hours". As in most cases, the medical aid provided during the first hour often saves lives," Petro Poroshenko said, adding that when Ukrainians were deprived of this aid, they were destined.

The President said that in the new building of the paramedic-obstetric station, created under the project of a French architect, equipment will be located. There will be a room for a paramedic, a vehicle. According to him, if necessary, medicines will be provided at the doctor’s instruction, and appropriate procedures will be made, or the patient will be transported to a rayon or oblast hospital, where all necessary services will be provided.

"Why wasn’t this done before? I do not accept any explanations. But they say that there was no money," the President said. At the same time, he reminded that during the war and decisive measures to implement a number of important programmes, from the development of the army to the construction of roads and the decentralisation programme, funds were found for the development of rural healthcare.

"Someone offered to install a telephone in the old buildings. This is telemedicine, according to them. “Tele” is not originating from the word “telephone”. We believe it must be equipped with modern broadband Internet," Petro Poroshenko said. He recalled that a competition had been held for the launch of 4G communication in Ukraine, According to him, broadband Internet should be available in every village, school, village council and medical laboratory. "Then the doctor will look at the patient, albeit without visiting the village, see the labs, make a diagnosis and quickly provide medical aid," he said.

"Why the Kyiv Oblast, Vyshgorod Rayon? Because you are pioneers, the first priority, the first, where the programme of the President begins," the President stressed. He thanked his French counterparts for their assistance. According to him, computer software that will provide telemedicine will come from Canada, Germany will share its expertise, Croatia sent specialists to help implement this system. In addition to the local government's budget, funding for this project, at the request of the President, will be provided by the World Bank. "The whole world has been working for this building to emerge in the Vyshgorod Rayon," the Head of State stressed.

Ambassador of France to Ukraine Isabelle Dumont noted that the opening of paramedic-obstetric station was very important. "We did it together. France, which supports Ukraine. The French architect, who created this project," she said, adding that the building was also energy efficient.

"All this became possible, because there were people, who supported the project – mayor, doctors, Ministry of Regional Development and Head of the Kyiv Oblast Administration," the Ambassador emphasised. She added that the whole project had been implemented in one year.

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Major presidential programme for rural healthcare reform launched in Ukraine

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