Life of Verkhnyanska AH: way to hromada’s heart lies through roads

Last year the Verkhnyanska amalgamated hromada of the Kalush Rayon became one of the top ten AHs of Ukraine in terms of development rates. How does the hromada live, spend its budget and solve problems?


The welfare of each settlement of the Verkhnyanska AH has improved a lot over 2,5 years – the budget has increased by more than ten times. Somewhere a school has been repaired, somewhere a kindergarten has been opened, and somewhere a water supply system has been set-up or streets illuminated.

During the year, the AH amanged to solve the top problem with drinking water in the village of Verkhnya.

Many schools got windows replaced, facades insulated and equipment purchased. Central lighting was installed in all settlements.

People want roads

People complain most about the roads. It is considered that if roads in the village are bad, then, nothing is done. It is difficult to explain to people that they should self-organise, if they want changes to happen.

The road to the village park was repaired, as it is on the balance of the village council and there were no collisions with financing. The road leads directly to the Heavenly Hundred Parkway.

There is the lake on the right, and they plan to arrange a summer stage on the left to hold cultural events. Behind there is an entrance to the mini-park. There are also shelter sheds, a swing, a children's playground, and a straw hut.

A small solar power station is installed at the local boiler house. By the way, such stations are set up in all AH settlements. However, because of bureaucratic procedures they are not yet connected to the network.

Social services

Since 1 February, an Administrative Service Centre has been operating at the village council of the Verkhnyanska AH.

Due to the World Bank’s funding the Verkhnyanskaya AH received equipment for UAH 300 thousand to arrange workplaces of social administrators. The AH expects the World Bank representative to visit them soon in order to assess the implementation of the project.

Besides, a municipal non-profit enterprise "Primary Healthcare Centre" was created in the Verkhnyanska AH, and a competition for the vacancy of the director of the enterprise was announced.

Business and investments

The budget of the Verkhnyanska AH is being filled from the activity of 11 farmers and 80 business entities.

Investors willing to build a solar power plant entered the AH. They were given a lease of 12 hectares of land, and construction should begin soon.

Despite all the difficulties and obstacles residents of the Verhnyanska AH believe they will succeed. They say that soon every AH village will be turned into a European settlement. The main thing is that the oblast authorities help repair the roads, and the hromada residents become more involved in the work.


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Івано-Франківська область


Верхнянська сільська об’єднана територіальна громада


Тримай Kurs

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