How AHs develop tourism

How AHs develop tourism

At the beginning of the tourist season, asked how AHs "hunt for holidaymakers"






 Author: Dmytro Synyak


Every hromada has some peculiarities that can attract tourists. However, attractions are not enough for tourism development: local authorities should make concrete steps, so that people would like to come to rest in a village or city. We asked the heads of AHs about these steps. Hryhoriy Vanzuryak, head of the Hlybotska AH, Chernivtsi Oblast:

“A few months ago, we opened a cheese factory in the village of Mykhaylivka on the basis of the cooperative "Dobri Gazdy", formed at the initiative of the AH executive committee. Its feature is that it belongs not to one investor, but to 33 families of Mikhaylivka, a third of the population of the small village.” Ivan Drohobetskyi, head of the Polyanska AH, Zakarpattia Oblast:

“We have good starting positions. We collect most of the tourist tax compared to all hromadas of the Zakarpattia Oblast. We also developed hiking trails, and are currently working on establishment of the glass museum in the farthest village of our hromada, Rodnykova Huta, where there was once a Czech glass factory. In future, we plan to illuminate all the AH roads. We should have light everywhere, as it is in Europe.” Oleksandr Krasnytskyi, head of the Pishchanska AH, Poltava Oblast:

Along with five hromadas, four of which are amalgamated, we have created a kind of a tourist zone in the Kremenchuk Rayon. The Omelnytska, Pryshybska, Nedoharkivska, Pishchanska AHs and the Biletskivka village council signed an agreement on inter-municipal cooperation and formed a communal enterprise " Green Tourism Cluster". We also signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Poltava University of Economics and Trade.” Valentyn Poterukha, first deputy head of the Baturynska AH, Chernihiv Oblast:

“Our feature is about festivals and various holidays celebration. Our central event of the year is a three-day festival "Shablya", which replaced the traditional one-day Cossack holiday. Actually, this festival will be held on 28-30 June. We are also working to unite all local tourism service providers into a single association.”

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