New Administrative Service Centre opens its doors in Novopskovska AH

The Administrative Service Centre in Novopskov, Luhansk Oblast, will help the government be more effective and efficient in the delivery of services to over 12,000 citizens of the Novopskovska amalgamated hromada.

The premises and equipment of the Administrative Service Centre (ASC) in Novopskov have been overhauled as part of UNDP's Recovery and Peacebuilding Programme. The work was carried out with financial support from the European Union to help provide high-quality administrative and social services to the population.



“The Administrative Service Centre is designed to bring the work of the authorities to a new level, increasing their proximity and openness to, and their convenience for the citizens they serve,” said Victor Munteanu, manager of the UNDP’s Recovery and Peacebuilding Programme.

“With generous support from the European Union, UNDP is helping to repair the premises of such centres all over Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts, supplying them with modern furniture, equipment and software, and most importantly building the capacity of their staff to provide top-level services to citizens in their hromadas, including persons with disabilities, the elderly, and women with children."

The total project cost was USD 69,746, and hromada members pitched in to help with work to improve and insulate the building, using budget funds.

The centre is also equipped for persons with disabilities – with a ramp, widened doorways, and bathrooms with handrails for the handicapped.

For parents with children, there is a children's area with toys, books, and colouring activities. The bathroom is also equipped with a changing table. 

“Support for the decentralisation reform has been a top priority for the EU in Ukraine, including in the conflict-torn Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts," says Helga Pender, Programme Manager at the EU Delegation in Ukraine.

“I'm pleased to see that Novopskovska hromada, which is located close to the line of contact, was not only the first hromada to amalgamate in Ukraine, but continues to show tangible results in bringing quality services closer to the public. The centre is now a one-stop shop where citizens can obtain various documents, register their place of residence, their business or real estate, plus it is accessible to everyone.”

The EU/UNDP held training sessions for the staff members of the ASC to help improve their working skills and the quality of services they provide to over 120,000 citizens of Novopskovska AH.

The carrying out of major repairs and purchase of new equipment for the ASC were made possible by the Novopskov Settlement Council and the “Moya Novopokovshchyna” NGO, within the framework of the joint UNDP-UN Women project “Restoration of Governance in Crisis-Affected Communities of Ukraine.”. The project is funded by the European Union as part of the UNDP’s Recovery and Peacebuilding Programme.




Луганська область


Новопсковська територіальна громада


Спільний проект ПРООН та ООН Жінки

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