Hromada’s cheese. Story on how “Perechynska Manufaktura” cheese dairy made image of Perechynska AH

Hromada’s cheese. Story on how “Perechynska Manufaktura” cheese dairy made image of Perechynska AH

Over less than a year the “Perechynska Manufaktura” in the Perechynska AH has become a real feature and pride of the hromada, and real craft cheese can now be tasted not only by AH residents, but also residents of Mukacheve, Uzhgorod and other cities of the Zakarpattia Oblast.

It all began when the AH head Ivan Pohorilyak offered the future cheese maker Oleksiy Synelnykov to rent the premises of the old military barracks for three years for 1 UAH per year. Mr. Synelnykov gladly agreed on such terms and embarked on. Already in June last year the cheese maker cooked the first batch of cheese.

Cheese for vegetarians

Oleksiy started making cheese as a hobby. Once a law enforcement officer, and now a pensioner, he became interested in cheese production, although before he was already proud of being able to cook yogurt made from packed milk. Oleksiy bought a small home appliance for only 20 litres of milk.

The cheese maker uses an enzyme of plant origin in production. "It turned out that some vegetarians eat cheese, but categorically refuse consuming cheese with a rennet enzyme. Perechyn cheese is perfect for them," says Mr Synelnykov.

Black, green and gold

The room of the bunker is repaired, a stable temperature is maintained, ventilation is in operation. All this contributes to high-quality maturation. Cheese blocks strike with diversity, because they are multicolored.

Not just cheese making, but also AH branding

The cheese production is not very large in volume so far. Mr Synelnykov admits that he would have not implemented his cheese-making intentions without the assistance of the authorities of Perechynska AH. "Town authorities met our needs and provided us with the building. They were interested so that the building was not destroyed, so that jobs were created and, of course, so that we promoted the Perechyn Rayon as the area of delicious cheese of our own production."

The Perechynska AH supports such initiatives and promises to support all entrepreneurs ready to work in the hromada. Now the work on creation of a separate tourism development strategy is underway. In particular, recently a working meeting, initiated by the Zakarpattia LGDC within the framework of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme, has been held on this topic.


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