Sosnytska AH: first self-sufficient steps

Sosnytska AH: first self-sufficient steps

Almost half a year has passed since the establishment of the Sosnytska amalgamated hromada. Its area is over 311 square kilometres (15 settlements), and population is almost 11 thousand residents.

The AH head Andriy Portnyi told the journalists of the Chernihiv media what the AH managed to do in such a short period and its plans for the future.

“Our main goal is to make the hromada comfortable for its residents. Thus, we have to improve the infrastructure and provide the population with jobs to stop the outflow of young staff. I think the first steps in this direction have been already made: this year LLC “Kapelou” has to start its work on the production of warehouse equipment. Investor promises to employ up to 250 people”.

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