Amalgamation of hromadas: not all oblasts and rayons hurry up to improve situation

Minus twenty! The number of Ukrainian rayons with no AH established is decreasing. If last month there were 152 such rayons, today their number is 132. It is evidenced by the data of the Monitoring of the process of decentralisation of power and local self-government reform, carried out monthly by MinRegion.

One more rayon fully covered by amalgamated hromadas appeared in the list. Now there are 16 of them. Besides, there are 112 rayons covered by AHs from 50% to 99%, and 207 of those covered by AHs from 1% to 49%.

Only one rayon with no AH established remains in the Volyn, Dnipropetrovsk, Ternopil, Chernivtsi and Chernihiv Oblast each, and the most passive rayons are observed in the Kyiv (14) and Kharkiv Oblasts (16).

MinRegion earlier stated that the task of oblast and rayon state administrations is to activate explanatory work on the advantages of hromadas’ amalgamation at the rayon level.

Full version of the Monitoring of the process of decentralisation of power and local self-government reform is available HERE



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