Decentralisation allowed to increase total volume of local budgets up to UAH 231 billion, - Head of Government

The reform on the transfer of powers and financial resources to the ground, launched in 2014, allowed to increase local budgets over the past 4 years from UAH 68 billion to UAH 231 billion, announced Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman on the air of “Ukrainian Radio”.

“In 2014, at the beginning of the reform, local budgets totaled UAH 68 billion. In 2018, they increased up to UAH 231 billion. These are large funds, which we transferred to the ground,” said the Head of Government. “But now it is necessary to use resources efficiently. Local executives should be fully accountable to people for every hryvnia they spend.”

The Head of Government stressed that the idea of ​​decentralisation and AH establishment fully justifies itself. The regions have enough resources that can and should be spent for the benefit of citizens.

“No one has the right to deter people willing to unite, especially it concerns oblast or rayon authorities,” said Volodymyr Groysman. “In every hromada, people should go the normal sidewalk, live in a warm home, a child should be able to go to a good kindergarten. It is all settled by the hromada. And we provided hromadas with the funds and resources. I will be glad of the successes of AHs, and will defend the reform.”

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Decentralisation allowed to increase total volume of local budgets up to UAH 231 billion, - Head of Government


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