Cabinet of Ministers transferred agricultural land to first seven amalgamated hromadas

Within the framework of decentralisation enhancement, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine transferred agricultural land outside settlements to the first seven amalgamated hromadas. The decision to transfer land was approved by the Government at the end of January, and today it enters into the practical stage of implementation.

Commenting on the process, Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman said that decentralisation started 4 years ago – in February 2014. It was based on the idea of ​​hromadas’ capacity development.

Over the past years, the process has become irreversible, and the transfer of financial and administrative powers is legally enshrined.

“And today we return what belongs to people – we transfer the land to the ownership of the hromadas,” said the Head of Government.

According to him, the process of land transfer will be completed by the end of this year. “Hromadas have the powers, resources, (and will have) the land – please, improve the life” emphasised Volodymyr Groysman.


Land with a total area of ​​7 810.93 hectares was received into communal ownership by:

The Horodyshchenska rural AH of the Lutsk Rayon of the Volyn Oblast – 926.48 hectares;

Hirsivska rural AH and Pryazovska settlement AH of the Pryazovsk Rayon of the Zaporizhzhya Oblast – 798.48 ha and 705.16 ha respectively;

The Smyrnovska rural AH of the Bilmak Rayon of the Zaporizhzhya Oblast – 1 568.74 hectares;

The Pomichnyanska urban AH of the Dobrovelychkivka Rayon of the Kirovohrad Oblast – 70.57 hectares;

Th Obolonska rural AH of the Semenivka Rayon of the Poltava Oblast – 2 950.42 hectares;

The Natalynska rural AH of the Krasnohrad Rayon of the Kharkiv Oblast – 791.08 hectares.

100% of land plots in the territory of these AHs were formed, and the data about them was entered into the State Land Cadastre, which enabled the transfer within a short time – two weeks after the receipt of the relevant application by the land service department. The procedure did not require any expenditure from the state budget.

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