Weakness of highly essential reform: what does Council of Europe recommend to add to decentralisation?

Weakness of highly essential reform: what does Council of Europe recommend to add to decentralisation?

Despite the widespread skepticism about the progress of reforms in Ukraine, there are the changes presented by the government as an example of success, and moving even without the “carrot” and “stick” from the West. Decentralisation is the most prominent of them.

Even Christian Danielsson, Director-General of DG NEAR (Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations) of the European Commission, who in the recent interview with Europravda did not spare criticism about certain Kyiv initiatives, emphasised that decentralisation is perceived as a success story of change in Ukraine.

Though there are several issues that slow down the process. In particular, the staffing problem is hot.

The Government has already begun consulting with the European colleagues, looking for ways Ukraine can overcome it.

We talked with the representatives of the Council of Europe, who are preparing a new strategy in this area at Kyiv’s request, and found out that adoption of “foreign” European model is not going to happen here. Own model is to be developed. Though study of the experience of other countries is still indispensable.

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