Illintsi. Eco-friendly hromada

Illintsi. Eco-friendly hromada

From 2015, Ukraine has begun administrative-territorial reform. This reform provides local self-governments with more powers, resources and responsibilities they had before. The voluntary amalgamation of villages, rural settlements and towns into hromadas receiving broad financial and managerial autonomy is part of the transformation process.

Today over 600 hromadas of different types and size are established in Ukraine. The process is stepwise, as people gradually get used to the new rules, search for successful examples and learn to manage hromada, filling in the lack of practical experience and skills.

The Illinetska amalgamated hromada (AH) is an example of those hromadas that invest not only in maintenance of existing institutions, but also open new enterprises. This way of development creates new jobs and opportunity to earn extra money, as well as directly affects the town’s amenities. Thus, the town of Illintsi began to earn money on sorting garbage and invest in streets’ landscaping.

A waste sorting complex at the cost of UAH 10 million is being built in Illintsi. This enterprise will be able to sort up to 120 cubic metres of solid waste per day. With due account that it is possible to collect up to 50-60 cubic metres of recyclable materials in Illintsi, the waste sorting station will be able to partially serve both the surrounding villages and neighbouring rayons.

The income from the sale of plastic briquettes in Illintsi is directed to the greenhouse facilities, that cultivate flower seedlings. These flowers are then planted on the flower beds of the town.

“Investors should see our positive development, our human resource, plans we are currently elaborating. Then they will come to us themselves. We are now improving living conditions for people, building a boiler house, greenhouse, and garage for machinery. Life makes us work on it.” – says Volodymyr Yashchuk, mayor of Illintsi.

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