Victories and achievements of Bashtanska AH one year after amalgamation

During one year, the Bashtanska amalgamated hromada managed to unite the interests of all the administrative-territorial units included in the AH, and to achieve significant success.

“2017 has become the year of real changes and trials for our hromada. We identified the primary task in elimination of the distinction between a city and village. Therefore, we direct most of the funds to the development of villages. We have carried out landscaping in each settlement of our hromada: we are setting up playgrounds, repairing kindergartens and schools. The result of our work can be seen, and our amalgamation contributed to this,” said Ivan Rubskyi, head of the Bashtanka town AH.

The first year after amalgamation appeared to be very significant for the Bashtanska hromada, as during the year, the Strategic Development Plan for 2018-2025 has been elaborated by the Bashtanka town council; General plan for the development of the town of Bashtanka has been elaborated; Socio-Economic Development Programme of the Bashtanska amalgamated hromada for 2017-2019 has been adopted.

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Миколаївська область


Баштанська міська об’єднана територіальна громада


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