Velykokopanivska AH told on its achievements

AH joined the Facebook-marathon on the occasion of the Local Self-Governance Day in Ukraine. The Velykokopanivska AH shared its achievements and implementations over a year on its Facebook page.

A year after the establishment of the Velykokopanivska AH the rural settlement of Abrykosivka received street lighting, replaced wells’ equipment, and installed a children’s playground. With the efforts of the local residents of Abrikosivka, benches were manufactured and installed at the bus stops and playground. The Velyki Kopani village council purchased a car to transport the representatives of Abrykosivka rural settlement to work.

Children’s playground and street lighting were installed in the village of Dobrosillya, besides, the Velyki Kopani village council allocated UAH 77 thousand to repair the access road to the village from highway No 17.

In the village of Velyki Kopani all streets were gradered, street lighting was set up, overhaul of Karl Marx Street was carried out, two children’s playgrounds were installed, benches were set up near the Velyki Kopani village cultural centre; new garden toys and play structure were purchased for the nursery school “Yahidka”, fences were installed around the central cemetery and football field, landscaping of the village was made, grass mower and branches shredder were purchased at the expense of the infrastructure subvention. There are tenders for the purchase of a school bus, two tractors and a sanitary machine going on. The building to establish an Administrative Service Centre and the building to be transferred to the “Velykokopanivske” Communal Enterprise for the public catering purpose were purchased.

The Velyki Kopani village council purchased the elements  of a playground for the children of the Velyki Kopani forestry and hunting unit. The Centre of Primary Healthcare was established, medical practice license was obtained, and departments of education and culture were created.

Valentyna Kostenko, village head of the Velyki Kopani village council, won the third place in the “Governance” category  of the “Women’s Best Initiatives” competition in Ukraine due to the idea of ​​transferring baby food service provision to the communal enterprise under the village council. She also received a certificate for active participation in the project “Public dialogue – cooperation of local government bodies of amalgamated hromadas for development within the framework of the Polish Cooperation for Development Programme of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland. On 30 November she became a member of the board of the newly formed “Association of Amalgamated Hromadas of the Kherson Oblast”.

This year, the Velykokopanivska AH won the competition for the development and writing of sustainable energy development and climate action plans for small hromadas.


Херсонська область


Великокопанівська сільська об’єднана територіальна громада Великокопанівська територіальна громада



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