Sports eco-space as first international project of Sokyryanska AH

The Sokyryanska amalgamated hromada of the Chernivtsi Oblast has opened a new sports eco-space, including both outdoor training facilities and learning games for children. This event is significant for the hromada, because it was accomplished at the expense of the Canadian Embassy, ​​following the hromada’s victory in the competition on local initiatives’ support. The project itself has an interesting combination of several components, which is reflected in the title “Free eco-sports public space for the development of human potential”.

Vasyl Ravlyk, head of the Sokyryanska AH, noted at the opening of the eco-space: “A milestone event convened us today – the first joint project in the history of our hromada is accomplished with the support of the Government of Canada. The implemented initiative is extremely essential given the current pace of life and importance of ecology, healthy lifestyle, and sport development. Therefore, the corner, that will be opened, is a small contribution to solve leisure and recreation issues”.

The event was attended by Sean Stewart, Adviser and Consul of the Embassy of Canada in Ukraine, who welcomed the hromada’s idea: “The Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives has many projects focused on supporting youth involvement, protection of women’s rights and other issues. This year, during the competition, we selected the project in Sokyryany as one of the best for funding and youth involvement.”

The sports site was created in the heart of the town of Sokyryany and expects a large number of visitors. Almost 20 different training devices have been installed. In addition, there are information stands, which include elements of children’s learning games. These are logic thinking exercises and tasks to nurture a careful attitude to the environment. This hromada has a comprehensive approach towards questions of ecology conservation: “I believe that we must take care of the ecological culture of our residents starting with preschool education. We introduced a sorted collection of household waste in Sokyryany. So far, we have been sorting only plastic and paper materials, and have bought a molding machine to process them. Though in the future we plan to sort wood, glass, and metal waste as well. Therefore, we are determined to organise a household waste management at the same level as it is in the European countries,” said Vasyl Ravlyk.

In the course of the project’s preparation the representatives of the Chernivtsi Local Government Development Centre took part in its design, so today they were happy to accept hromada’s invitation and attend the opening of the public space. “This project is the first in the context of your victory in a new competitive environment. These are the first funds attracted by the hromada from the outside. Moreover, it is the first project in terms of innovation. I myself was wondering how ecology, sports, and public space would combine in one conceptual issue, but today it’s not the only celebration. Let me congratulate your hromada with the first agreement on inter-municipal cooperation between the Sokyryanska and Vashkivetska hromadas in the oblast”, said Tetyana Tatarchuk, director of the Chernivtsi Local Government Development Centre, established with the support of the U-LEAD with Europe programme.

In total, the project’s cost amounts to UAH 217 thousand, out of which 177 thousand were provided by the Embassy of Canada and 40 thousand were invested by the hromada itself. The project was implemented within 4 months from the beginning of August till the end of November.

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