Dortmund is to partner up with Zhytomyr

Dortmund, Germany, is to establish a solidarity partnership with the Ukrainian city of Zhytomyr to provide it with targeted and long-term recovery support.

This was reported by the official website of the municipality of Dortmund.

“In light of the ongoing Russian war of aggression in Ukraine, the city administration of Dortmund plans to consolidate and expand support for Ukrainian municipalities. In addition to the provision of municipal aid in May, June and November 2022 to Vinnytsia and Mykolaiv, a solidarity partnership with the Ukrainian city of Zhytomyr is to be established in the spring of 2023,” reads the post, quoting Lord Mayor Thomas Westphal.

It is noted that the solidarity partnership aims to create a cooperation framework, which in the long term can be expanded to official twinning. The solidarity partnership will initially focus on practical humanitarian and solidarity support and will be coordinated by the Office for International Relations of Dortmund.

“Over the years, we have developed criteria for successful twinning. It is essential to have cities that are somehow similar. Why Zhytomyr? We have points of contact, such as the economy, sports and creative industries. In addition, there are many Ukrainians living in Dortmund, including families who come from Zhytomyr,” said Thomas Westphal.

In addition, the Dortmund-Zhytomyr municipal partnership will include administrative and specialised exchanges on digitalisation, urban planning and building maintenance, business and innovation promotion, as well as mobility projects. The plans also include cultural cooperation, children’s summer camps in Dortmund and cooperation between healthcare facilities. The partnership will involve civil society, academic and research institutions, as well as businesses.

The Office for International Relations, a coordinating body for the partnership, prepared a draft resolution for the Dortmund City Council on a solidarity partnership with Zhytomyr. The project was already reviewed at the meeting of the administrative board on Tuesday, January 10, and will now be referred to the committee. The mayors of Dortmund and Zhytomyr are to sign the agreement on cooperation between the two cities on 9 February 2023.

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Dortmund is to partner up with Zhytomyr


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