US Ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Brink handed over emergency response equipment to the State Emergency Service of Ukraine (video)

The US Ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Brink recently handed over equipment to the State Emergency Service of Ukraine (SES) for more effective emergency response.

The equipment purchased from the USAID HOVERLA Project includes 10 kits of professional rescue tools, such as hydraulic cutters and rescue pliers, as well as 300 sets of protective clothing for firefighters (safety boots, helmets and jackets). This equipment is part of USAID’s support to the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, totalling more than $4 million.


Since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion, a large part of Ukraine has faced emergencies, including shelling, fires, evacuation of citizens, landmines, as well as the destruction of buildings and critical infrastructure. The State Emergency Service of Ukraine are the first responders dealing with these challenges. The provided equipment will help the State Emergency Service to protect people more effectively and ensure the safety of rescuers working in the heightened threat environment.


Bridget Brink, US Ambassador to Ukraine, said:

“Every day, the brave men and women of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine risk their lives to help their fellow citizens survive an unprovoked and devastating full-scale Russian invasion. Responding to emergency situations is a fundamental service for communities and citizens, as well as a key element of the successful process of decentralisation reform in Ukraine. That’s why I’m glad that the US government, through USAID and other agencies, can provide you with the equipment you need to carry out this critical life-saving mission. This is just some of the more than $4 million worth of emergency response equipment provided by USAID. We are proud to be partners of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, and I salute everyone who performs this vital and dangerous life-saving work. The United States supports Ukraine and its people, who are courageously defending their security, sovereignty, and democracy against Russian aggression.”


Yevhen Yenin, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, responded by thanking, in the person of the Ambassador, the entire American nation for the unprecedented help and noted that the State Emergency Service of Ukraine has one of the highest levels of trust in Ukrainian society, and it is well deserved. After all, the scope of its work is extremely wide, from demining territories to the evacuation of the civilian population, clearing the rubble of buildings destroyed by enemy shelling and extinguishing large-scale fires caused by the enemy aggression at a wide variety of infrastructure facilities, such as oil depots, chemical enterprises, etc.

Serhii Kruk, Head of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, noted:

“We are positive that proper technical re-equipment and targeted training will enable our units to keep providing high-quality protection of the territories and the population from emergencies during the war with the Russian Federation.”


As part of emergency support to Ukraine, USAID has already provided protective equipment for firefighters, as well as chainsaws, water pumps, generators, LED floodlights, fire extinguishers, and IT equipment to 25 municipalities and 3 regional military administrations in Lviv, Poltava, and Volyn regions, respectively. Such support helps local self-government bodies respond efficiently to emergencies and provide quality public services to the population during wartime. USAID has recently announced the expansion of the aid to cover 40 municipalities in Zakarpattia, Rivne, Zhytomyr and Odesa regions.




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