Municipalities of the Cherkasy region received generators and street lights from U-LEAD

The Biloziria, Zhashkiv, Zvenyhorod, Zolotonosha, Kamianske, Kaniv, Ladyzhyn, Uman, Khrystynivka and Chornobaivka municipalities of the Cherkasy region were provided with equipment from the Lighting package within the first tranche of assistance to municipalities in the region from the U-LEAD with Europe Programme.

The second tranche will be the Shelter package and will include tents, sleeping pads and bags, camp beds, generators, drinking water tanks, blankets and kits for IDPs — backpacks with food and medicines. This was announced by Serhii Slynko, Head of the Regional Office of U-LEAD with Europe in the Cherkasy region.

According to him, from the first days of the full-scale invasion, the municipalities of the Cherkasy region are actively providing assistance to IDPs who seek refuge from the war in the region or are in transit to other regions.

“Ten of these municipalities are already receiving goods that will allow them to support IDPs. In response to the urgent war-induced needs of the local self-government, U-LEAD provides aid to around 250 municipalities in Ukraine that have been severely affected by the war or are actively involved in the accommodation of internally displaced persons. It should be noted that the Programme agreed on the needs, the scope of the municipalities, as well as the list of goods in close cooperation with the Ministry for Communities and Territorial Development. We also keep in touch with the Coordination Centre for Humanitarian Aid of the Ukrainian Government in Poland,” said Serhii Slynko.

The Zolotonosha municipality reports on the use of the first aid package. Artem Harin, Head of the Municipal Housing Department, commented on it to the local publication, Zolotonosha City.

“A street light is a generator on wheels,” he said. “It has a tower, and there are six powerful LED lights on top. It is of key importance in the work of public utilities. For example, there was a breach of the water pipelines from Domantove to Zolotonosha, which had to be promptly eliminated at night. Before, the workers would use electric torches or car headlights. Now they just have to turn on the station to see everything clearly.”



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