03 June 2023
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A municipality in the Zaporizhya oblast has established a fire-fighting service and has been fighting fires on its own for several years

A voluntary fire brigade has been created by the Komysh-Zorya municipality due to new opportunities, having arisen within decentralization and thanks to support by the U-LEAD with Europe Programme, involving the Foundation of the International Solidarity of the Republic of Poland. So far, the voluntary fire brigade has succeeded in extinguishing almost 40 major fires and arranging cooperation with the local board of the State Emergency Service.

Formally the fire brigade was established by the village council deputies in the late 2017. Voluntary fire-fighters were trained at fire defense centres of Ukraine and Poland. Nowadays the municipality team works jointly with rescuers of the State Emergency Service and on its own from time to time.


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Запорізька область


Комиш-Зорянська територіальна громада


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