7 bills important for decentralization and municipality development (infographics)

In 2021 the Parliament passed several laws, vital for municipality development, particularly, improving the system of managing land resources, arranging issues of starostas’ activity and establishing starosta districts, facilitating municipality and region cultural development, creating stimuli for establishing municipality industrial parks.

«Of course, the laws passed fail to solve all the issues. There is still a lot of law-making work for the Government and the Parliament to do in the future, as well as a lot of difficult decisions to make. We have to jointly solve the issues of authorities, local budgets, responsibility and the Constitution amendments necessary to overcome obstacles for the reform completion. For bills to be adopted as quickly as possible it is necessary for all reform participants to work jointly and communicate qualitatively: government members, people’s deputies, experts and local self-government bodies’ representatives, mostly interested in successful decentralization completion. Thus, we should search for ways of understanding in the circles of associations of local self-government bodies to have a common stance on the key issues of the future changes», - commented deputy Minister of Development of Communities and Territories of Ukraine Vyacheslav Nehoda for the Decentralisation portal.


law V.Nehoda


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