03 October 2023
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Discussing bill 5849 and patterns of providing administrative social services

The project «PROSTO: Improving service accessibility in Ukraine» announces a discussion of bill 5849, aimed at changing approaches to providing administrative social services, with groups of stakeholders.

At the background of decentralisation and rayon amalgamation the issue of choosing approaches to providing administrative social services has become particularly urgent. The Government (the Ministry of Social Policy) has developed bill 5849, envisaging administrative social services provision by municipalities exclusively as a front office, whereas a newly established National Social Service of Ukraine will be a back-office.

The issue influences a wide range of stakeholders, including all municipalities and millions of Ukrainians, using these services. That is why a detailed discussion and arrangement of all issues of concern are crucial while defining approaches to such services provision.

The discussion will result in the agreed issues being submitted for decision making entities.

The event will be held online, with its programme being attached to the registration form at: https://bit.ly/2ZufcOL (for representatives of former cities of oblast significance); at https://goo.su/8SMr (for other municipality representatives); at https://goo.su/8sMS (for the Directorate of the population social protection representatives of Rayon State Administrations.

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Discussing bill 5849 and patterns of providing administrative social services


Administrative services social services announcement


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03 October 2023

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