04 December 2023
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The procedure of settling issues of the administrative and territorial arrangement: the work over the bill is going on

On October, 6, 2021, the parliamentary Committee on the State Authority Organisation, Local Self-Government, Regional and Urban Development supported the necessity of passing the bill On the Procedure of Settling Issues of the administrative and territorial arrangement Ukraine.

«Within the incumbent Constitution and in conditions of the new administrative and territorial arrangement it is extremely difficult to spell out the procedure of settling issues of administrative and territorial arrangement from the point of view of terms and definitions. There have already been two attempts to solve the issue, and the main thing is to enshrine the primary administrative and territorial unit – a municipality – in the legislation. Everybody – the President, the Parliament and the Government – emphasized the bill significance. But the document public discussion results testify to the fact that we have not developed the text, taking into consideration all restrictions and risks. That is why we suggest establishing a work group jointly with the parliamentary committee, experts and associations of local self-government bodies and, based on bill №4664, spelling out нa new concerted wording», - claimed Deputy Minister of Development of Communities and Territories of Ukraine Vyacheslav Nehoda.

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The procedure of settling issues of the administrative and territorial arrangement: the work over the bill is going on


Zasady ATU administrative and territorial structure V.Nehoda Vitalii Bezghin


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