U-LEAD with Europe has launched a new educational project – “Steps for Starostas 2021”!

During the next seven weeks, 300 Starostas from all over Ukraine will be focusing on topics that they have to know to implement their tasks foreseen by the recently adopted legislation.

The trainings will take place online and consist of 5 seminars, 3 workshops and online visits to successful starosta districts. Based on the results of the course, participants will receive a certificate.

“We understand that the new administrative and territorial structure, new responsibilities and new tasks have created a huge demand for training and expert advice from Starostas from across the country. We hope that skills and experience acquired during the “Steps for Starostas 2021” will enable our participants to grow professionally in the future,” stated Bastian Veigel, GIZ Programme Director of U-LEAD with Europe during the opening of the learning cycle.

Due to the high demand from Ukrainian Starostas for trainings, U-LEAD has planned to implement the second programme for another 300 Ukrainian Starostas during the spring of 2022. We also plan thematic trainings for those Starostas who, due to the limited number of places in both of our training programmes, could not be enrolled in them. For these Starostas, our regional offices will still provide consultations and trainings on a need basis.

Stay tuned and you won’t miss opportunities for your professional growth!


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