Preschool, secondary and vocational education. Best practice of Kharkiv City Council

In 2020 the practice “Cluster of non-formal education “Kharkiv EDU Cluster” of Kharkiv City Council won the Contest “Best Practices of Local Self-Government” (the first-degree Diploma).

The projects and initiatives of Kharkiv youth are focused on self-development of individuals and increase of knowledge and skills in the spheres of finance, digital and ecological development. The “Cluster of non-formal education “Kharkiv EDU Cluster” (hereinafter – Cluster) was created in Kharkiv City with the aim of establishing systematic approach to this demand, introduction of innovative educational topics as well as launch of communication between stakeholders (youth, teachers, representatives of non-formal education, business). The Cluster works in the three directions:

  1. Analytics and trendwatching: conducting researches on educational needs of young people, demands of employers and global macro-trends in the skills of employees.
  2. Formation of ecosystem of non-formal education: conducting thematic trainings to adjust the content of services, development and information support to the newest educational products.
  3. Educating the audience, which contains the following three components:
  1. Co-operation with schools – digital, entrepreneurial, and financial literacy, learning the basics of systems thinking, team building, emotional intelligence, as well as preventing addictions and motivation for self-development.
  2. Co-operation with universities within the Training of Trainers programme – provision of methodological materials developed by the Cluster and partners on skills required in the future.
  3. Citizens engagement through informational campaigns in social networks.


Thus, co-operation of non-formal and formal players of educational market, local business, public and youth organisations, as well as support of local authorities helps to build a single and comprehensive system.

Do not forget to apply for the Contest 2021 until 30 September 2021!

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