More than thousand hromadas have joined the Social Hromada Integrated Information System software

One of the main tasks of improving the social welfare system under the decentralization conditions is to ensure each person’s unimpeded access to social support, administrative social services at their place of residence. Currently applications and documents necessary for the social welfare to be assigned are accepted in hromadas.

«We have approximately 40 functioning state social programmes, including 67 types of social care. More than 7 million families, eligible for this or that aid, live in hromadas. Of course, it is difficult for hromadas themselves to master such a volume of processes, to automate them and ensure efficient cooperation with social protection bodies and the National Social Service. That is why, for the purpose of ensuring the social protection continuity, the Ministry of Social Policy provides aid to citizens in terms of organising all social protection processes and introducing electronic services. In particular, we assist hromadas in introducing the Social Hromada Integrated Information System software», - comments Maryna Lazebna, the Minister of Social Policy.

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Міністерство соціальної політики

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